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MangaX delivers all Manga works entirely free and online. Whenever you wish to read Manga, Mangax is the place for you.

Daily Update

MangaX currently has over 50 Manga works. Everyday, one or more work is updated. All can be enjoyed free of charge.

Powerful Lineup

MangaX delivers choice MANGA works in a varitey of genres.

Wealth of Original Works

At MangaX, over 30 Mangax Orignal Series are updated before the rest of the world.

Encompassing Various Genres

Mangax covers various manga genres such as Shonen, Romance, Youth, BL, and Comedy. A wide-ranging lineup accommodates all ages, genders and ethnic categories.

Revolutionary MANGA Space

Thrilling even before Reading

A New Level of Thrill

MangaX brings a new experience to your Manga selection.
Characters are brought to life from pop-up thumbnails and entice fans into the worlds of each Manga's realm. In order to ensure your best experience, we have given you the control over what you wish to view.

Read More, Read Easily

MangaX flexibly adjusts itself to each user.
Optimisation based on user data improves usability from each visit.
MangaX evolves alongside our readers, making your experience easy and one of a kind.

Multilingual Delivery

Xcross, Xenodocia

Deliver MANGA Worldwide

MangaX is a mutilingual MANGA medium.
In addition to its UI, all Mangas are optimised for multilingual delivery.
This also includes the layout of frames and binding directions optimised for each language.
Many languages are accommodated, including Japanese, Chinese and English.
MAGIA welcomes everybody to join our global platform.