IP Produce

-We will Constantly Produce Brand New Stories.-

*MangaX Original Series*

MAGIA Recruits Talented Manga Artists from all over the world and together publish unique Works of Magic.

IP Performance

We have been expanding and delivering new stories to fans all over the world.
Enjoyed by 3 milion people worldwide, The MangaX Original Series is now a major distributor of top-quality Mangas.
Today, 120 million pages of the MangaX Original Series are read monthly.
Still, This is only the Beginning. The Next Chapter has already started.
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31 IPs


From Japanese MANGA to Global MANGA

Manga Artists from All Over the World Contracted.

Manga Artists are no longer only based in Japan.
Globalization has enabled the connection with powerful, talented overseas creators.
The combination of Japanese Manga and unique styles from artists all over the world has given birth to a new era of Brand New Stories nobody has seen before.

Language Authenticity Approach

Translation alone does not make Manga global.
To attract fans worldwide, we adopt native languages and produce thrilling visual artworks to ensure a transcendental experience in our Magical Realm.

Native Editors

Our native editors are essential for global manga acceptance.
MAGIA's Editing Team consists of language proficient staffs from different countries, which enables smooth editing from native backgrounds.
From actions to the expression of subtle nuances of thought, all meanings are captured and reviewed in order to ensure production quality.
With the increase in global Manga artists and global endeavors, Magia's Native Editors are trained to respond quickly and effectively.


Thorough Quality Control assures solid performance.
Our Management Team at MangaX scrutinizes every detail of the production process in order to unleash the full potential of all Manga Works.

Innovative Scenario Production Process

Continuous production of exciting stories require a production process not only dependent on individual capabilities. Everyday, we accumulate Manga datas to bring about continuity, reproducibility and speed.
MAGIA ensures this effectiveness by introducing the Scenario Creation Scheme.

Business Perspective

Interesting stories don't always sell.
We identify target users in the planning stage of our Business Model and review marketing schemes in different perspectives.
MAGIA can produce profitable Manga works since we possess both artwork creation capabilities and business perspectives.

Manga Design with IT

Story Creation with Entirely New Methodology

Analytics Data Utilization

We accumulate and analyze data in ration and utilize them for Manga Production, which was impossibile with print publication.
This enables the combination of originality from artist personalities and optimal editorial solutions derived from accurate digital data.
Today, the digital age has allowed a New-Generation Manga Works.
This is the MangaX original Series.

Marketing Inputs

We use analytics data such as genre preference by country, age and gender, advertising and marketing strategies in order to achieve higher reader acquisition ratios.
Furthermore, we reflect such data on thumbnail color tonality and design structure to minimize user losses.