IP Contracts

- We are the Agents of Manga Proxies -

IP Contracts

We manage Manga IPS for the distribution and monetisation of domestic and overseas markets.
This allows us to form partnerships with Manga Artists, Studios, and Publishers from all over the world.

IP Management Flow

We contract with IP holders worldwide by managing manga IPs for them in untapped markets.
IPs under MAGIA's management are optimised for targeted markets through translation, adaptation and data editing by MAGIA.
The IPs are then distributed through MAGIA's media (MangaX) and other distribution partners.
Further flexible monetisation is pursued utilising data obtained in targeted markets.

Merits of IP Utilization in Untapped Markets

Unleash the Full Potential of IPs

Fan Base Expansion

A huge difference remain in Manga fan base sizes between home-countries, foreign countries, and untapped markets.
With home-country delivery, less than 10% of the IP's full potential may be realized.
Leveraging our global network centring around Asia, we help IPs grow into globally loved ones under our management.

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Strengthening Monetizing Methods

IP holders can share additional advertisement revenue and licensing fees from affiliate distributors through the distribution from untapped markets.
In addition, we support their various business developments alongside the expansion of fan base.

Test Marketing

Manga delivery is the lowest-risk IP utilization.
Without a target fan base established, many media mix such as animation and game developments can prove to be costly and challenging with the highest risks coming from untapped markets.
However, targeting areas can attribute to demand levels being gauged through preceding manga distribution.
Thus, IP deployment based on fan base composition and business development leads to a higher probability of success.
In addition, this leads to attracting new partners.